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It seems Brits and kiwi's have always harboured an eccentric desire to forage, hoard, and collect all things antique and vintage, from thimbles to castles.

A couple of world wars probably added to the passion for collecting ‘anything that may come in use one day’ and as such, treasures are still being uncovered from attics, cellars, barns and garage sales today.  We are continually sourcing vintage collectables from the UK, USA, Europe and NZ and hope to share these with you on our site, along with pieces from our own collection of quality vintage items from around the globe.




We like very much indeed the unique style that is Kiwiana, whether the influence is Maori, Pakeha or a combination of both. If you have anything that fits the bill hidden away that may be of interest, or something you may like us to list on your behalf via the website, please don’t hesitate to let us know.



Yes we do, so if you think you may have some vintage treasure that you would like to sell via our website, please feel free to contact us.  We look forward to hearing from you soon.








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Our aim is to bring you quality pre
loved vintage and up-cycled products
from NZ and around the globe.
If you have any questions or feedback
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Vintage Transport

We've been collecting British and when we can find it, NZ transport history since early 2000.
With some fantastic functional and artistic design incorporated into 'getting us around town' most of us have just sat there and overlooked these everyday transport items with fantastic themes.
Featuring destinations from around the globe,  we sold our first bus blind in NZ approx 11 years ago and they're still selling now.
We are proud to have framed these icons of transport history in solid timber glued and screwed frames, and we were the first to introduce and sell the original 'Backlit' blind, replicating the feel of a nightbus with the destination illuminated in your own home.  
We continue to sell framed and backlit bus and underground blinds, so do get in touch if a particular place name or destination holds special memories for you, we'll always do our best to track it down for you.  Safe and happy travels everyone.

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Check out the latest and best NZ online directory for vintage, re loved, reused, restored at :


This is a great place for sourcing all your eco and reuse needs.





Coming soon:


Vintage fire switches

London Underground luggage racks


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